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The FocalPatch ArcView 3.x Extension

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Please note: we now recommend using Fratstats for focal ("moving window") processing. Although you are free to download and use the extension, you are on your own; we do not support the software at all. We do not have, nor do we plan to develop a version for ArcGIS.


What is FocalPatch?

The FocalPatch Extension runs Fragstats on a moving window basis within the ArcView 3.x environment.

  1. A sampling point theme is created from an existing grid.
  2. For each point, a circular group of cells is extracted from a landcover grid. The center is the sampling point, and the radius is user-defined.
  3. Fragstats is run on the extracted group of cells, and landscape metrics are calculated.
  4. Landscape metrics are then placed in an output table for eack point.

Other functions:

  1. Utilization distribution intersection calculation.
  2. Utilization distribution calculation from a kernel grid.

PowerPoint presentation on FocalPatch

Our paper from Ecology

Marzluff, J. M., J. J. Millspaugh, et al. (2004). "Relating resources to a probabilistic measure of space use: Forest fragments and Steller's Jays." Ecology 85(5): 1411-1427.

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Phil Hurvitz, GIS Specialist, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington

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