Prepared 2007.09.29
Phil Hurvitz

Used to check projection of other data sets.
Contains ArcInfo coverages for common WA state data sets.
	bd: boundaries
        cnty: counties
	hy: hydro lines
	hyp: hydro polygons
	trrd: road
	trrr: railroad
        usgs: USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle boundaries

Data Sources: 
	USGS 1:2,000,000 SDTS DLGs
	WSDOT (counties,
Processed with sdts2cov.aml Projected with ArcInfo 8.0.1 workstation and ArcGIS 9.2.

	geo27: Geographic, NAD27, decimal degrees
	geo83: Geographic, NAD83, decimal degrees
	geo84: Geographic, WGS84, decimal degrees
	spn27: State Plane North (ArcInfo 5601, FIPS 4601) NAD27, feet
	spn83: State Plane North NAD83, feet
	sps27: State Plane South (ArcInof 5626, FIPS 4602) NAD27 feet
	sps83: State Plane South NAD83, feet
	utm27: UTM, Zone 10, NAD27, meters
	utm83: UTM, Zone 10, NAD83, meters
	utm84: UTM, Zone 10, WGS84, meters
Data:, 29 MB, 58 MB